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Hi, I'm Lynn.  I'm a wife, a mom to two amazing girls, and a flower child at heart.  My first memory of loving flowers can be found in a scrapbook, dating back to age 10.  I would painstakingly cut out photos of coffee table arrangements, found in the Sears Roebuck catalogs...remember those?!
While friends collected expensive, store bought stickers, my collection came free!  Favorites were those long, lush centerpieces, decorating holiday tables.  I carried that love through my teens and young adulthood, always nurturing a basket of plants or vase of fresh blooms at my bedside.  As newlyweds, our first home was in Brooklyn, NY (a culture shock for this California valley girl!), where I finally had my very own growing space in a garden level brownstone.  While making a living 9-5 in the  'corporate' world,  I would rush home to train sweet pea vines on a chain link fence and fuss over geraniums, hostas, and ferns.  Fast forward 25 years of parenting and working many, many different jobs, I longed to return to my love of growing flowers.  So...voila!  A flower farmer was age 52!  Heading into my second season, I will be growing 30+ varieties of specialty cut annuals, along with perennials and bulbs.  Designing with fresh, local, and sustainable flowers is truly a joy and I'm grateful to be sharing this passion with you.

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